CHARACTER & VALUES Finding the sometimes elusive balance between “warm and demanding” is a challenge we make to ourselves every day. We recognize one cannot exist without the other, and the students we serve deserve no less.

PREVENTIVE APPROACH We believe the problem avoided in the first place is the one less likely to come our way in the future. “Preventive Practices” finds an analogy in Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports, or Preventive Discipline becoming more prevalent in better performing schools nationally.

TEAMWORK A culture of “teamwork” permeates our approach as we understand children succeed in education when all stakeholders, including families, teachers, administrators, and clinical professionals, work together strategically and effectively.

HIGH EXPECTATIONS Research tells us that our expectations of success for others often influence the degree to which they actually achieve later on. We have high expectations for the students we serve, as well as for ourselves as professionals. A goal so established often determines the outcome, and great care is taken to ensure high standards permeate everything we do.

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Speech Language Pathologist (Western Nassau County)

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Speech Language Pathology Consultant

Blue Sea Educational Consulting is looking for a Speech...LEARN MORE
We are always gathering candidates for Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists ...and more!
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