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hop_girl44Our strategy reflects a dramatic new approach with respect to our professionals. We have designed a company FOR professionals… one in which the passion and knowledge of those with whom we work results directly in success for students we serve.

Blue Sea is affiliated with many Colleges and Universities reflecting our belief that continuous training and professional development is the ‘sine qua non’ to our overall strategy.

Blue Sea mentoring and professional support groups exist as a vehicle through which “best practices” mutually meet and inform the “front lines.”

We are the exception to the rule, and strive to stand outside the “programmatic”approach to education in favor of an approach with a focus on our people… a focus on those empowered to change the lives of students!!

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Currently Hiring for Qualified:

Speech Language Pathologist (Western Nassau County)

Blue Sea Educational Consulting has an immediate need for a Speech...LEARN MORE

Speech Language Pathology Consultant

Blue Sea Educational Consulting is looking for a Speech...LEARN MORE
We are always gathering candidates for Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists ...and more!
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